Friday, April 6, 2012

In the Market for a Tank

OK, so I've been a Very Bad Blogger for the last couple of weeks.  I landed the contract job I applied for and have been working 40-hour weeks at the client's site with an hour-long commute in each direction.  The job is actually a lot of fun but I've gotten used to playing hooky in the middle of the day, and working straight through is pretty tiring, not to mention the hideous drive home up Grand Avenue, aka US 60.

Advantages of this job: enjoyable work; friendly co-workers; no more cabin fever; the chance of long-term employment; funny work-related stories (remind me to tell you about the non-fire non-drill we had on Monday); and as much income in a week as my former largest client paid me in a month.  At least temporarily I can afford to eat out occasionally and maybe hire a professional cleaning service to muck out my poor neglected home.

Disadvantages: the commute, the commute, the commute.

If I survive the 3-month contract period, there's a chance that I could be hired as a permanent employee with the possibility of flex-time, telecommuting, and (as a government employee) free use of public transit - yay!  Because after two weeks of driving into and out of downtown Phoenix during rush hour, I'm thinking I should stop wishing for fictional force shields and photon torpedoes and invest in a used tank.

"A commuter tie-up consists of you - and people who for some reason won't use public transit."  ~Robert Brault

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