Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Photographing the Invisible Cat

When I met my cat Charlie at the Humane Society, he was very friendly and affectionate, which was one of the main reasons I adopted him.  He continues to be very loving with me, rubbing his face against mine to wake me in the morning, sitting on my lap in our screened porch in the evenings, and helping me grade papers on the computer whenever I let him (he's discovered some interesting key combinations that I didn't know my laptop possessed).  I was startled, then, the first time that someone visited the house after I acquired him and he dove under the bed.

Charlie has continued to go into hiding every time another person enters the house.  He prefers his original under-bed cave, but he's also learned how to open the doors of the lower cupboards in the kitchen and the bathroom, so sometimes he'll shoot into one of them.  He's been so elusive, in fact, that my mother (who is very defensive about her memory loss) actually accused me of making up the whole "adopting a cat" story to mess with her head.

In self-defense, I took up my cell phone and snapped a few pictures to send to the doubters.  Here he is, slightly blurry but clearly visible, Charlie the (to other people) Invisible Cat.

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