Thursday, June 13, 2013

Shooting People for a Living

When I first retired from insurance, I briefly considered becoming a professional photographer, but after pricing the lighting gear and other equipment I would need in order to function as a competent stock photographer, I decided that web design would be a much cheaper and more convenient second career.  My long-time blog followers, however, know that I still take my camera (or at least my camera-enabled cell phone) with me pretty much wherever I go, and when I recently saw a poster featuring an antique camera and the words "I Shoot People for a Living" at a craft show, I had to buy it, even though it wasn't strictly accurate.

Until now.

As you probably know, I've been working since last November for a realtor friend of mine, getting her organized and rebranding all her print and online marketing materials following her move from one real estate franchise to another.  However, for the last few months I've had health issues that made working full time very difficult, and I've done everything my friend specifically needed ME for.  At this point, she still needs someone to handle her ongoing clerical and marketing functions, but that person doesn't have to be me.

Which is why, when my church asked if I'd be interested in handling all their PR work instead of just their website, I said yes.

It's a part-time contract job that frees up my afternoons and Fridays.  If I'm not feeling well, I can take an afternoon nap.  If I am feeling well, I can go to the gym.  The job pays almost as much as I was making before, for half the work week.  It's a win/win, at least for me.

My realtor friend was reluctant to let me go, but we found someone I think will in time be even more compatible with her than I was.

And that shooting thing?  Part of my new job is attending church functions with my camera at the ready, the better to show the world what a great place it is and how wonderful its people are.  I guess I'll be shooting people for a living after all, for the foreseeable future anyway.

To see some of the work I've already done for them (including photos), visit:
Their website -
Their Facebook page -
Their blog -

“A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away.” ~ Eudora Welty

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