Friday, August 30, 2013

Visiting Vancouver

For the last two weeks I've been on vacation with my sister Sue, and largely at the mercy of  a shipboard satellite connection that could barely handle simple email, let alone photo uploads.  Here, then, better late than never, is the start of our trip - Vancouver.  We flew in two days before our Alaskan cruise started so that we could spend some time enjoying the "San Francisco of Canada."  The weather was overcast but we only felt a few drops of rain, and we loved the city's laid-back but sophisticated air.  We stayed at the 100% non-smoking Moda Hotel at the edge of the trendy Yaletown district, where we browsed fun little shops and got a start on overeating at Cibo, Uva Wine Bar, the Blue Water Cafe & Raw Bar, Joe Fortes, and Boulangerie La Parisienne.  (We found most of these places, by the way, in Secret Vancouver, a great guidebook by Alison Applebe which I was able to borrow from our library as an ebook and take along - with several others - on my Nook.)

Here are some of the miscellaneous photos I took while in Vancouver:

Vancouver Art Gallery

Lunch at the GalleryUninvited lunch guest

Pre-graffittied mailboxes

Vancouver Symphony Orchestra School of Music Inside Canada Place

"Vancouver is beautiful, to begin with. The summer there is unbelievable. The people are so nice. People actually obey traffic signals, it's unreal." ~Erin Daniels

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