Thursday, September 12, 2013

Returning to Reality

Sue and I were very fortunate to have a wonderful, relaxing vacation in what must be one of the most beautiful areas on earth.  Unfortunately, things started going south as soon as we returned home.

Charlie's back stripes have darkened with age
The minute I got inside the door of my house, my cat Charlie started cussing me out for having left him alone for two weeks (never mind that my Dad loves cats and is the best kitty-sitter ever).  Two nights later he pushed out one of the porch screens and escaped.  He hasn't been back since.  I did have him microchipped when I adopted him and he was wearing a collar and Humane Society numbered tag, so I'm hoping someone will return him, but he's so easily spooked by strangers that I'm afraid he'll be killed by a coyote before that happens.  Fortunately we've had rain almost every day since, so he shouldn't be suffering from dehydration yet.  I've put up posters and the local shelters and vets have been alerted; keeping my fingers crossed.

Then the news came that one of my favorite cousins has died.  He had had cancer surgery and was feeling and apparently doing well, but it had metastasized (apparently without causing him pain) and that was it.  He grew up in Oregon and I in South Dakota so we really only connected during the last 10 years, after I moved to Arizona and he started spending his winters here, but he was a warm and funny person and I will miss him very much.

Finally, my mother's health has taken a sharp downturn over the last two weeks and yesterday she had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital.  Dad and I spent the whole day there while they ran tests; they kept her overnight and will probably be doing more today.  Back at the facility where they live, Dad has changed their level of care from independent to assisted living so he will have help with things like getting her up and dressed, but he's very worried that that won't be enough and she may have to go into actual nursing home care.  If that happens, I've told him he is welcome to move in with me, but since I only have one bathroom that may be a little tight.

Breathing deeply, trying to stay motivated.

"Fall seven times, stand up eight." -Japanese Proverb

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