Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Day in Dublin

Our next stop was Dublin, where Sue and I chose to walk around the city center on our own.  Highlights of the day included a visit to Dublin Castle, which had lovely grounds and was hosting an exhibit of early Chihuly glass cylinders (the "Ulysses" series); lunch at a pub where we downed pints of Guiness in memory of my husband (he loved the stuff); and the carriage horse we saw wearing knitted ear warmers (yes, by the end of the day, more cold rain).  BTW, I have repeatedly read that corned beef and cabbage is more American than Irish, but they served it in the pub we visited, and mighty tasty it was, too.

This piece by artist Seaver Leslie was the source of the images on this glass cylinder:

The Chapel Royal at Dublin Castle:

The people on this "Viking Tour" are all wearing Viking helmets:

"...I live in Ireland every day in a drizzly dream of a Dublin walk...” ~ John Geddes, A Familiar Rain 

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