Sunday, May 19, 2019

Farewell to Holland

After her fall on our day trip to Kinderdijk, Sue disconcerted the receptionist at our small hotel by asking where we could buy drugs.  Seeing the woman's eyes almost bug from their sockets, I hastily added, "Aspirin.  Tylenol.  Something for pain."  The receptionist's eyes returned to normal and she directed us to a nearby drugstore.  Amazingly in a country where marijuana is everywhere, one needs a prescription to buy a decongestant in the Netherlands - don't know if this is an indication of an existing meth problem, or a plan to avoid one.

The rest of these photos are of the older area of Rotterdam where we stayed until it was time to go home.  And yes, we had rain for part of the day - note the shower caps on the seats of some of the parked bicycles.

"It feels good, to be lost in the Rotterdam direction." ~

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