Thursday, October 21, 2010

Requiem for a Daydream

Today I was saddened by the news that one of my favorite blogs is no more.  To be exact, the blog is continuing, but the content that I loved has been deleted by the blogger and she will be taking the blog in a different direction.

Mila's Daydreams was a beautiful, unique photography blog by a Finnish designer named Adele Enersen.  She described it as her maternity leave project.  Almost every day when her baby took a nap on their fluffy white carpet, Adele cleverly arranged fabric, toys, and accessories around little Mila, photographed the resulting scenes, and posted them on the blog.  Mila made appearances as Red Riding Hood, a fairy princess, an astronaut and more.  I'm not normally a big fan of other people's baby pictures, but these were something more - fresh, imaginative, and amusing.

At first only Adele's friends and relatives viewed the blog.  Then came Fame.

Blogger chose Mila's Daydreams as a Blog of Note and the viewers multiplied exponentially - and so did the copyright infringements.  Despite her copyright notice and watermarking, theft of Adele's original work has become so blatant that she has withdrawn all but one of the large photos from the site and has stated that she will not post any more pictures of Mila.  She did post small thumbnails along with a request to turn in any copyright offenders we may encounter; if you haven't seen her creations yet, visit her blog now; this may be your only chance to see the adorable Mila in her many roles, and you may be the one to finger the heartless thieves who stole her from her fans.

"I think almost every newspaper in the United States has lost circulation due to the Internet. I also think the Internet will lead to a lot of plagiarism in journalism."  ~Will McDonough

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