Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Futon Update

Today a giant cardboard box containing the pieces of our futon arrived on our doorstep.  The delivery people agreed to bring it inside and park it in the hallway, but told Barry they hoped he didn't think they were going to assemble it.  As I suspected, he hadn't realized that assembly was required and was still clinging to the hope it wasn't when I arrived home, even though the box was clearly too small to contain a ready-to-sit-upon sofa.

Armed with my trusty boxcutter, I hacked the container apart after supper and together we put the frame together.  Fortunately the instructions were quite clear, and although the bolts were supposed to be tightened with one of those nearly-useless little hex wrenches, we were able to finger-tighten them and use the hex wrench just for the last few tightening turns.  The mattress was heavier than we expected but we wrestled it into position, distributed the coordinating throw pillows, and threw ourselves on our handiwork.

As we might have known, this is one of those decorating purchases destined to spawn others.  We were no sooner sitting on our new possession, tilting slightly backward with our knees in the air, than Barry said, "We need a hassock."

Unfortunately, he's right.  Maybe I need to start looking for a third job.

Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination.  ~Oscar Wilde

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