Sunday, April 17, 2011

Not That Kind Of Cat Allergy

I've complained before about my allergies, but I haven't said much about my cat's.

Rusty was still fairly young when she developed nasty black patches on the underside of her chin.  I rushed her to the vet, who suggested it was a plastic allergy and told me to buy her ceramic food and water dishes.  This sounded pretty bogus to me, but I bought the dishes and her chin cleared up.  Hmm.

Then we moved to Arizona.  Up until that time she had been an inside cat in New York apartments where the windows were always closed (we were afraid she might try to fly).  In Arizona, though, we had screened windows and we left them open whenever the weather was nice.  Enter dust, mold, and pollen.  Before I knew it, poor Rusty's eyes were always full of crud and she was emitting explosive kitty sneezes when exposed to "fresh" air.

Now that we've moved to the Kitty Spa, though, her eyes have cleared up and she hasn't sneezed for about a week.  She must feel a lot better; she's been much more friendly and active since the relocation.  Apparently she's allergic to the pollen of some plant that flourished near our former home but not here.  Just another reason to look for housing in this area instead.

"Every season can be an allergy season, depending on what you're allergic to." ~ Clara Chung


  1. Sounds as if you may have trouble selling her on another move! Might take a bit of negotiation, and a firm promise to grant her an occasional vacation at the Kitty Spa, then maybe she'll relent.
    Good to hear she's feeling better ... any news from the vet concerning her weight loss?

    April 18, 2011 11:17 PM

  2. The vet says she's NOT hyperactive and didn't find anything else wrong. She's eating more since we moved, though, so I think the allergies may have affected her appetite, too. Another month at the Kitty Spa and she may be back to fighting weight!