Saturday, August 6, 2011

Definitely One Cat

I mentioned recently that a friend of my sister's is trying to find a new home for her cat, now that her husband has developed an allergy to it, and I agreed to see if Rusty would tolerate a roomie.

Alas, the Kitty Meet and Greet took place today and a lot of bad language was passed on both sides, although no blood (human or feline) was shed.  For a moment I thought Rusty was going to sink her teeth into me for opening our house to an interloper but fortunately the impulse passed.  Jasmine is a beautiful cat and apparently well-behaved when not being hissed at, but she was also obviously very bonded with her current owner and I don't know whether I could win her affection in the middle of an armed (clawed?) camp, so I had to tell Deb I couldn't take her.  Rusty sulked for a while after the Great Hissy Fit but eventually decided to treat the outcome as a personal victory and had a hearty snack to celebrate.

I hope Deb is able to find a good home for Jaz; the Humane Society is now so overloaded with cats that they're giving them away for whatever donations people are willing to pay.  The last thing they need is another recycled kitty, and the last thing poor Jasmine needs is to be one.

"One is never sure, watching two cats washing each other, whether it's affection, the taste or a trial run for the jugular." ~ Helen Thomson

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