Saturday, July 9, 2011

One Cat, Two Cats?

All of my cats have been rescued cats.  Some came directly from the Humane Society or a rescue organization that took homeless cats off the streets.  Others came from friends who for one reason or another could no longer keep them.  For the most part I've limited myself to one cat at a time, but it hasn't been easy - once I walk into a shelter and find myself surrounded by orphaned animals, I want to take them all home.

Recently one of my sister's co-workers has been under pressure to get rid of her cat.  It seems her husband has developed a violent allergy to poor Jasmine.  Unfortunately, no one has stepped forward to adopt her, so she may be headed for the local Humane Society.  This is bad news.  According to my sister, who is a cat adoption volunteer for them, they are currently overloaded with cats (they've been running sales on them), and any additional animals who are dropped off there may be put to death.

Jasmine's owner has been trying to convince me that Rusty needs a younger companion.  I was resisting pretty well until she sent me this picture (it's the one that was taken when Jasmine was at the Humane Society before):

I weakened enough to say that if she hasn't found Jasmine another owner by the time I'm in my new home, I will introduce her to Rusty and see if they get along.

Of course I don't need a second cat, and Rusty will probably be highly insulted by the prospect of sharing her space, but look at those big blue eyes - how can I say no to them?

"There is, incidently, no way of talking about cats that enables one to come off as a sane person." ~Dan Greenberg

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