Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Buddy System

Several times in my life I've had to take a battery of personality tests - usually for school or because I was being considered for a different job - and they always show that I'm so introverted I make hermits look sociable.  That all changes, though, when it's time for me to work out.  Then I need at least one other sufferer to keep me company.

The best workout buddy I ever had was my friend Lisa.  She and I met during our grad school orientation, and had quite a few classes together over the years.  More importantly, we worked out together twice a week before, between, or after our evening classes, and we usually got together on Saturdays for a workout, a sauna, and lunch at a nearby vegetarian restaurant.  Each of us showed up faithfully on the appointed days, gym bag at the ready, because neither one wanted to leave the other person in the lurch.

I've tried telling myself that failing to work out alone is the same as leaving myself in the lurch, but that's not a very effective motivator.  Fortunately, about the time those extra holiday-season pounds were making my jeans difficult to zip, my sister started moaning about having to resume her sessions with Mr. Treadmill.  I gritted my teeth and asked if I could join her.

So far we've spent two weeks working out together on the equipment in our local gym, and to my surprise I'm feeling that the sessions have been too short.  If I had been alone, I would have finished each session with about 20 minutes on a stationary bike.

Of course, if I'd been by myself I probably wouldn't have gone in the first place, which was my whole reason for adopting a new treadmill buddy.  Maybe I can gradually work my way up to a day or two a week of exercising without her.  If not, I still have at least two or three days when I will force myself to hit the gym despite fatigue, general malaise, or the common cold - and that has to be a good thing, even without any time on the bike.

"That's not sweat; it's my body crying." ~Anonymous

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