Monday, May 23, 2011

Table Quest Part 1

Although the sale of our house fell through, I haven't given up hope that someone else will make an offer on it soon.  When they do, I'm hoping the house I wanted is still available; if not, I'll make an offer on one with the same floorplan just down the street from my parents' house.

Both houses have a square eat-in kitchen that will require a smallish round or square table.  I don't have that kind of table now but I do have a set of kitchen/dining room chairs.  My grandmother gave them to me; they originally belonged to her parents.  Since they're antique golden oak, I thought I would start looking for an old round oak table to go with them.

So, when Sue and I drove to Glendale on Saturday for German food and chocolate, I first dragged her through a 20,000 square foot antiques mall - A Mad Hatter's, just across the street from where we ate lunch.  Somehow, in all the years Sue has lived in the greater Phoenix area, she's missed A Mad Hatter's.  That's probably because her decor is mostly modern.  Still, she too became caught up in the hunt for hidden treasures.

Need an antique desk, vintage cannisters, deco jewelry, cast iron toys, a Betty Crocker-style apron?   If it's old, it's probably somewhere on the premises.  I restrained myself from buying a few pieces of silverplate that matched the set I inherited from my grandfather - I couldn't remember how many additional knives I actually need - and Sue salivated over a handmade bunny that she regretfully decided would degenerate into an expensive cat toy if she took it home.  I didn't find the table, but I saw two that are possibilities, and more may appear by the time I actually have a house to put one into.

A Mad Hatter's isn't the only antiques store in Glendale; the Historic Glendale website claims the town has over 100 antiques and specialty shops.  On Saturday we parked in front of a newly opened vintage clothing shop that I'm dying to explore (they were closed that day to attend a fashion show elsewhere).  Glendale is a longish drive from where I'm living now, but the combined lure of chocolate, bratwurst, and collectibles will probably take me back there soon.

"If men liked shopping, they'd call it research. " ~Cynthia Nelms

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