Friday, June 10, 2011

Home Sale, Take Two

Last week someone else finally made an offer on our house, but for much less than Barry and I think it's worth.  After a week of counteroffers we have finally reached an agreement.  Now if only:
  • The house passes the inspection;
  • The buyers get their loan;
  • The bank appraises the house for the selling price; and
  • The Lord is willing and the creek don't rise,
...we can start packing the rest of our belongings.

The house I had previously tried to buy has been taken off the market, but I asked my realtor to check on the status; if it's definitely no longer available, we'll be back on the hunt for a new home on Monday.

If everything works out right, Rusty and I could be moving around August 1 - not the ideal time to move in Arizona, but better than moving in winter up in snow country.  I can hardly wait to be back in a place of my own.  Oops, pardon me, Rusty - a place of OUR own.

"Private ownership of property is vital to both our freedom and our prosperity. " ~Cathy McMorris

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