Thursday, June 16, 2011

Move Update

This time the sale of our house is apparently going through.  The buyers have a loan and we're mopping up the odds and ends from the inspection.  The closing is set for July 15 so I hope to be settled by the beginning of August.

The house I originally tried to buy is officially no longer on the market, but the real estate agent grapevine says the owners would entertain an offer, so I plan to make one tomorrow or Monday.  The floor plan looks like this, but reversed and with a double garage rather than a carport.  The kitchen is also pushed out into the utility room space for a breakfast nook, leaving room for a small island in the kitchen proper.

Barry is now thinking of moving to Nebraska to be near his older daughter and her two children.  I was startled when he told me but didn't pursue it.  I guess this means he's given up on the idea that we should get back together; I'm not terribly surprised about that because he wanted it to happen immediately and I told him it couldn't because I need time to get over the anger that's built up over the last several years.  I'm a little sad that he will be leaving his latest psychiatrist, who's been very good for him, but it's no longer any of my business.

I'm also continuing to look for another job but haven't found anything so far.  Part of the problem is that people are reluctant to hire someone for part-time or low-paying positions who's held high-paying jobs in the past.  If all else fails, maybe I can get work with a cleaning service by pretending that I have no experience except as a housekeeper - full circle back to the job I had in college.

"All changes are more or less tinged with melancholy, for what we are leaving behind is part of ourselves. " ~Amelia Barr

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