Thursday, June 30, 2011

Snippets Again

Tonight Barry and I went to dinner at the house of friends who just returned from a trip to Italy.  By the time we had eaten and seen their photos and I had dropped Barry off and driven back to my parents' house, it was 10:15 and Mom and Dad had probably been in bed for an hour.  The place was like a tomb; even Rusty had to wake up in order to greet me.  I felt like I did back in college, sneaking in after an evening of carousing - only then it was a couple of hours after midnight, not before.

The inspection of the house I'm trying to buy took place yesterday.  It was pretty good except the place apparently needs a new roof.  My realtor suggested to the sellers' realtor that they talk to their insurance company, since the damage is probably due to the big hail storm that went through here this winter.  I'm beginning to think I wasn't meant to own this house.

Even though I don't have anywhere to move to yet, the closing on the house we're selling is in just two weeks.  Packing kicks into high gear as of this Saturday.  Fortunately I am reaping the benefit of all the cleaning I did at my sister's house; she's offered to come over and help me throw things into boxes.  I didn't turn her down.

The critter watching in the back yard has been exceptional this week.  The most startling performance was by a critter I've been calling Jujitsu Rabbit.  Two lizards were having a fight in the neighbor's yard, charging each other and scrimmaging, when a bunny bystander hopped up, grabbed one of the lizards (with its mouth) by the tail, and flung it back and forth a couple of times in moves reminiscent of judo throws.  Then it hopped away again, leaving the unmolested lizard to beat the crap out of its dazed competitor.

And that's all the news that's fit to print - for now, at least.

"If God had wanted us to be concerned for the plight of the toads [and lizards], he would have made them cute and furry. "  ~ Dave Barry

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