Monday, July 11, 2011

The Uncertaintly Principle

Excuse me, I feel a whine coming on...

Last week I interviewed for a position with a local department store. One of the questions the HR person asked me was "What can make change easier to take?" Given all the change going on around me at present, I almost said, "You tell ME, lady, I'd really like to know," but held my tongue. Her answer was that good information helps reduce the uncertainty inherent in change and makes it easy to handle. That's true, but it's of no use to those of us on the receiving end of big changes with no way to access the information that would reduce our uncertainty. Right now, for instance...

...the school for which I teach online is undergoing an internal reorganization and hardly a day goes by without at least one more email dictating immediate adoption of a major procedural change.  This is pretty scary because we are evaluated on adherence to policy, which at the moment seems written on water.  Whatever happened to the concept of advance notice? other employer recently moved to a new location that doesn't have a place for me to sit, so I'm working entirely from home for them, and my workflow is drying up because out of sight apparently DOES mean out of mind.  What are they planning for the future - theirs and mine?  Inquiring minds want to know.  I've been looking for more part-time work but maybe I need to start searching for a full-time position instead.

...the closing on our house is the end of this week and I still don't know whether I have anywhere else to move to. The closing on the house I'm trying to buy is scheduled for July 22 but I'm still waiting to hear whether the sellers will fix the hail-damaged roof. If not, I'm going to have to cancel the transaction and start all over.  More looking at houses, another inspection to pay for, another month of living with my parents.  Sigh. cat is again refusing to eat and losing weight. Her blood tests earlier this year showed she doesn't have diabetes or hyperactivity. I don't want to watch her waste away, but I can't afford to board her with the vet and have her fattened via IV.

I'm ready myself for a transfusion of some uncertainty-reducing information. Even better if it turns out to be POSITIVE uncertainty-reducing information.

Breathing deeply now and practicing thinking OM...

“Certainty is the mother of quiet and repose, and uncertainty the cause of variance and contentions.” ~Edward Coke

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