Sunday, March 20, 2011

Different Desserts

Normally when I'm stressed my automatic reaction is to eat for comfort.  I can't afford to "outgrow" my clothes at the moment, though, so when I have a craving for something sweet I'm going to try to stick to things like these:

Fruit Cup

Combine one of the following in a medium bowl.  Drizzle with orange juice, fruit-flavored liqueur (Triple Sec, apricot brandy, kirsch, etc.), balsamic vinegar, or a very small amount of sugar.  Let sit for at least half an hour to macerate.  Serve cold in a dessert bowl or margarita glass.  If desired, top with Grape-Nuts, granola, or yogurt.
  • Fresh mixed berries and cherries or frozen Dole Mixed Berries with Pomegranate (strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, and pomegranate)
  • Green grapes, sliced kiwi fruit, and honeydew melon balls
  • Sliced banana, cubed mango and papaya
  • Apples, oranges, and walnuts

Fruit Parfait

Layer sliced strawberries and peaches or blueberries and sliced kiwi fruit with low-fat plain or vanilla yogurt in a parfait or wine glass.

"In the wintertime, in the snow country, citrus fruit was so rare, and if you got one, it was better than ambrosia. ~James Earl Jones

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