Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's All About Me

Today while packing things I found a document I had totally forgotten.  Some time ago - like several years ago - I checked out a book from the library on dressing to fit one's personality.  (Sorry, I don't remember the name.)  As a start, the author asked the reader to complete some personal style exercises, because how can you dress according to your personal style if you don't know what it is?  I didn't finish them all - too much work - but I did answer the first two questions.  For lack of anything more interesting, I share those answers with you now:

What things do I love and feel passionately about?

1) Work that engages me.  Often this is creative work (building websites, photo manipulation in Photoshop, writing) done by myself on a computer.

   Why?  I love using my hands and brain together to create something unique and uniquely mine.  It also helps that is doesn't involve sweating.

  What does this say about me?  Probably affirms that I would rather work primarily with my mind instead of my body, and that I am happiest spacing out in my right brain, which only happens when I am by myself and relatively free of distractions.

2) Food.  Eating out a new places or old favorites, cooking (especially challenging new foods or things I know others really like), shopping for food, eating popcorn at the movies, etc. etc.  Reading recipes and food lit.

   Why?  The taste, the smell, the texture.  Creative work (related to the previous item) or being waited on.  Anticipating the experience.  I just find food very sensual.

   What does this say about me?  It helps explain why I have a weight problem.  I may also be channeling my body awareness into this area rather than exercise, although I do have a passion for...

3) Dancing, especially ballroom and aerobic dancing.  This is the main exception to my unwillingness to sweat, and my preference for solitary activity.  I also enjoy watching others dance on TV or in old movies, at the ballet, etc.  Some day I would like to see live modern dance.  Because of this passion I once let myself be sucked into serving as a dance club officer against my better judgment (committee work, oh, no!!).

   Why?  I like music, but I like moving to music much better than making music or listening to it passively.  I also like exercising to music much better than doing it in silence.  I like feeling energized and graceful.

   What does this say about me?  I guess that I'm not a total couch potato but need to be inspired in order to exercise.

4) Travel.  Seeing new things, eating new food, learning, taking photographs, conquering logistical challenges, speaking what I can of foreign languages.

   Why?  I love learning and experiencing new things.  I love seeing art , historic homes, famous landmarks, etc. in person rather than just reading about them in books.  I love feeling adventurous and competent.

   What does this say about me?  I am the Elephant's Child.

5) Reading.  Virtually anything.

   Why?  Magic carpet rid to other times and places.  Learning new things.  Stretching my imagination.

   What does this say about me?  Probably that I'm an armchair explorer as well as a real one and not content with staying static.

What is my personal style statement?

I present an image of calm elegance with a sense of humor.  [Actually, Faithful Reader, that's more an aspiration than an achievement, but I'm working on it!!]

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” ~Coco Chanel


  1. Kind of a fortuitous find, under the circumstances ... a chance to reacquaint yourself with all the facets of your personality that may have been repressed to a certain degree under Barry's oppresive reign. Just think of the fun you'll have re-exploring the landscape of your psyche with all barriers removed.
    Let the adventure begin!

  2. Absolutely. Now that the initial stress is past, I'm looking forward to visiting friends all over the country, even if I have to sleep on the floor - not something I could have done for the last few years. Let the adventure begin indeed!