Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Random Snippets

  • This morning I looked out the bedroom window and saw a bunny in the backyard washing his face.  Then he grabbed one of his ears with both paws and pulled it down so he could lick the inside with his tongue.  My first thought was, "That's so cute!"  My second thought was, "Eeuww, ear wax!"
  • Why have singers and the makers of radio commercials started using emergency vehicle sirens as background noise in so many of their offerings?  Every time I hear one of those sirens when I'm driving, my heart leaps into my throat and I start looking frantically around.  Was that a fire truck or an ambulance?  Where is it now and what direction is it traveling in?  Do I have to pull over?  I do the same thing whether it's the first time I've heard that particular song or ad or the 50th time.  Pavlov's Driver.
  • Feeding money to the vending machine in our office is like playing the slots.  Some of the keys on the keypad stick, so you never know whether you'll get the item you wanted to order or something completely different.  Today I tried to buy something healthy and ended up with a bag of peanut butter M&Ms.  I took this as a clear sign that I was meant to ease the stress in my life with chocolate.
  • My boss recently sent us all this link for our amusement.  It may not be quite as funny if you aren't a designer yourself, but if you've ever been in any kind of service industry you'll probably find at least one of your business associates in here:

Happy Hump Day!

"I'm always trolling for trivia. " ~Lynn Abbey

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