Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Desperately Trying to Stay on the Right Side of the Hill

I earn my living by designing websites and teaching an online web design class.  I have an MBA in information systems from a pretty prestigious university.  I've ripped open and upgraded every computer I ever owned.  Friends and family constantly ask me for tech support.  And yet...

This is my first blog.

My (mumble, mumble) birthday was last month, and while thinking back over my generally good life I suddenly realized that I don't have

...a Facebook page

...a Twitter account

...a blog.

And then it hit me:  I AM A DINOSAUR.  I took my first web design class when everything had to be hand-coded in languages that kids now have never heard of.  (I know they haven't because I work with interns.)  I buy new software, I take new classes, I take online tutorials, and I'm still falling farther and farther behind.  Obviously I need to get a grip.  Today a blog.  Tomorrow (or whenever) a Facebook page.  I don't think I'm succinct enough to master Twitter.

Can I blog?  Heck, yes, I've ghosted blogs for clients.  Should I blog?  Probably not; who cares about the trials and tribulations of an antique part-time designer clinging to the edge of solvency?  Maybe nobody - but then, I'm not doing it for you; I'm doing it to prove to myself that I'm not - quite - over the hill.  Yet.

"Scratch an artist and you surprise a child."  - James Huneker

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