Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Way of the Cat, Part 1

Those of us who choose cats as pets have a streak of masochism.  Why else would we wait paw and foot on surly, ungrateful beasts who regard us with total contempt?  A cat will snuggle when he wants food or someone to warm his stomach on; the rest of the time, he treats humans as expendable, interchangeable staff.  Barry and I have a running joke about feline attitude; when our current mistress, Rusty, does something that no self-respecting dog would dream of, one of us will say, "That's the Way of the Cat."  What, you may ask, is The Way of the Cat?  Here is Part 1, written down and illustrated for Barry's grandchildren.
image of funny cartoon cat

The Way of the Cat Revealed!!

“Cats invented self-esteem” – Erma Bombeck

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