Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Waiting for Tom Bergeron

You mentioned Dancing with the Stars in an earlier post.  Are you a big fan of the show?
Yes, I’d like to compete on Dancing with the Stars myself.  I think a mirror-ball trophy would look good on our entertainment center, probably to the left of the monster TV.

Do you think they would ever ask you to be on the show?
I’m sure they’ll be beating my door down as soon as I have 10 steady readers.

Since you’ve had many years of dance lessons, wouldn’t you have an unfair advantage over the other celebrities?
Certainly not.  Although I’ve had 10 years of ballroom dance lessons, they’ve really been more like one year repeated 10 times, and with my coordination I need that much of a head start.  Have you ever watched this show?  Way too many of the stars are professional athletes.  Talk about an unfair advantage – they can move their arms and legs at the same time!  Some of them even have energy left over to smile at the audience - that's amazing!  I’m sure I can dance better than most of the comedians and professional models they’ve had on in the past, but that isn’t saying much.  My cat has more rhythm than Penn [of Penn and Teller – he was very briefly on Dancing with the Stars].

What’s your favorite thing about dancing?
The word “Terpsichore.”  Try to say that three times real fast.

Which are your favorite ballroom dances?
To watch, the tango – so cool and sexy.  To dance myself, the waltz.  In addition to being very romantic, the waltz has the strongest beat and the simplest footwork; if the guy can lead well, the woman just has to allow herself to be swept away.

“Thousands of emotions well up inside me throughout the day. They are released when I dance.” - Abraham Lincoln

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